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Crisis101: when the president tries to boycott you

Just when you thought everything goes according to plan: the ex-president of the United States tries to boycott you. “Haha, you silly goose, that doesn’t happen. Ever!”. Weeell actually, it happened to the tire-company Goodyear back in august 2020.

Don’t believe me? Read more!

What the actual f- happened?!

Footage leaking. But, for more context: Goodyear gave a training about political statements to their employees. Within this training, they stated that Trump’s “Make America Great Again” is in fact not allowed on the production site, since this statement is from a politician and is considered a political statement.

But, what about Black Lives Matter”?

Well, the trainers of Goodyear doubted about this statement. Why? Because it is a more humanistic and social-cultural statement but is also frequently used by politician.

These trainings got filmed and let me tell you… Someone did NOT like this training.

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So, a few moments after the tapes got leaked. Former President of the United States, Donald Trump, called his supporters out to boycott Goodyear.

A bad year of Goodyear?

Well, wouldn’t say so. Even though THE former president tried to boycott the company, they handled it LIKE. A. CHAMP.

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How they handled it??





Asses again.

And then…

take a biiiiiig step back.

The first step Goodyear took, was waiting and assessing the size of the crisis. Meanwhile, all the offices around the world were updating each other about this crisis. They then came forward with a statement addressing the incident. After that, they waited and assessed the situation again. And lastly… they did nothing. Because, good PR is knowing when to speak, but most importantly when to stay silent.

Thumbs up Goodyear. I’ll definitely buy my tires from you now on.


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